Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Apocalypse – Where is God?

Over my 22 years as a chemist in research at Dow Chemical and DuPont I worked with many scientists and engineers, and although scientists are some of the most interesting and open-minded people that I've ever met, they are prone to dismiss as fantasy any idea that cannot be put to an equation or test. They nurture the quality of objective detachment that is necessary for, and reinforced by, the discipline of science. But this can be problematic when extended to their thoughts and feelings about themselves and their relationships because life is a subjective experience that demands its own language – the language of literature, philosophy and religion.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Atheism is untenable

Imagine a primitive tribe in the center of a jungle. Their cosmology includes the idea that all water comes from a giant ocean full of living things on the other side of an enormous mountain, and this ocean God sends them rain in the form of clouds so that they may live. After thousands of years, they develop the necessary tools to cross over the mountain, so they send an envoy to pay homage to their god. But when the expedition returns they report that they saw no ocean. 

The tribe is immediately divided into two groups: the first group believes that their ocean god must be somewhere else, while the second group decides that oceans don't exist. Not just their ocean, but they insist that all concepts of “the Ocean,” are false. This is the origin of atheism.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

God: Where's the Evidence?

One of the first questions that atheists ask of someone who believes in God is “where's the evidence?” What is meant by “God” is rarely clear and the term “Sky Daddy” has recently emerged as a way to dismiss those who think deeply about God as childish. 

Normally we would clearly define what we mean before looking for evidence of its existence but, despite the many and varied ways to think of God, the question “where's the evidence?” comes up often enough that I want to deal with it in some detail here. To do so we will have to briefly discuss the complex nature of evidence in relation to a qualitative question like “does God exist?” Along the way I will offer some thoughts on how to think about God and why it's important to do so.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Feminism’s Global Campaign to Emasculate the World - Janice Fiamengo

It’s there for all to see: at the heart of the United Nations and its affiliated international organizations is the determination to export radical feminism to all corners of the globe.

Monday, June 12, 2023

Feminism’s Society-Wide Campaign to Emasculate Men - Janice Fiamengo

We have seen the remarkably rapid progress of feminist ideology and policies from the 1970s on. From its first toeholds in women’s studies programs, feminism gained respectability and influence, soon spreading its tentacles into nearly all academic disciplines, eventually corrupting research in a wide range of fields, perhaps most damagingly in Psychology, Sociology, History, and now Biology. 

At the same time, feminism transformed the workplace through affirmative action and other special programs to hire, promote, and empower women simply because they were women, over-riding meritocratic and market principles.

These two massive victories for the women’s movement would alone have secured the transformation of the English-speaking world, as women were shoe-horned into many powerful positions they hadn’t earned and as feminist ideas about male privilege and female victimization spread throughout society. In a relatively short time, feminist graduates from the universities carried their resentful zeal into the fields of journalism, social work, criminology, entertainment, economics, medicine, law, and business.