Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What does it feel like to be really old knowing that death is imminent? -from Quora

I am re-posting this as written from Quora because I think it is relevant at any age. I hope you enjoy it.


I am really old, and I know death is imminent

Most of my friends have passed away, and of those remaining, they suffer from health problems in some way

I am myself totally deaf and partially blind. I live by myself

I am writing this at 6am in the morning

Today, if the weather is fine 
I will go for a walk
I will chat with friends
I will do my shopping
I will do my laundry
I will feed the cat
I will tidy up what needs to be done
I will put out the garbage

I will do what most people do who are not really old and know that death is imminent
Because there is no feeling of being old

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Woman Should Never Hit A Man

But they do. A lot. 

A man has very few options when faced with a violent woman. A man has to exercise precise self-control when defending himself from a woman who goes all out to injure him. Even under full attack, men rarely hit back, but when they do the woman often gets hurt. Sometimes badly hurt, as happened to Ray Rice's wife, Janay Palmer Rice.

And the media is having a White Knight orgy with this one. They are clamouring to outdo one another and demonstrate their commitment to defend innocent women and condemn Ray Rice. Unfortunately no one was innocent in the battle between Ray Rice and his then girlfriend Janay Palmer. The evidence is crystal clear in the video itself. The two can be seen before they enter the elevator by the pillar: he appears to spit on her and she backhands him to the chin. Another exchange of hits occurs by the elevator buttons, whereupon Ray Rice backs away to the other side of the elevator. Janay is not the slightest bit afraid or hesitant at that point, and she literally lunges