Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Censorship is always bad

Microsoft and Google have both announced that they will be blocking thousands of search terms in Bing, Yahoo and Google. They claim that it is to block the spread of child porn, certainly a noble cause, but is that really their motivation?

Search-term blocking is very crude. Not only will it block legitimate research and porn searches equally, it is also a broad net that will capture and block information completely unrelated to child porn. Worse, everyone knows that this censorship will have absolutely no effect on the distribution of child porn.

These companies know that child porn is distributed almost exclusively on the Dark Net. Child porn consumers don't search openly on Google or any popular search engine, nor do purveyors distribute their wares openly on these platforms. So why are these two US companies acclimating the populace to censorship? 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

International Men's Day

I had no idea that today was International Men's Day (IMD). Honestly I didn't know there was an International Men's Day. I certainly knew of International Women's Day, which has been celebrated for over 100 years. 

Today, on IMD, I learned that Professor Thomas Oaster, University of Missouri, was bullied and harassed by students and administrators when he tried to celebrate IMD in the early 1990's. His career was in ruin by the vicious attacks of the University community until he sued and won compensation for the wrongs he suffered. 

International Men`s Day is a little known and largely ignored day, but it didn't escape the attention of Susie Boniface at "The Mirror", who decided to celebrate this day by writing a sarcastic, hate-filled article to ridicule men. A piece laced with self-aggrandization, and bitterness, belittling men and men's suffering at every opportunity.

In her orgy of self-pity she hints that ...

Friday, November 8, 2013

"The Good Men Project" Alienates Good Men

"The Good Men Project" (TGMP) purports to be a guiding light for a new enlightened masculinity, but panders to a feminist fantasy of masculinity instead. Paul Elam, founder of "A Voice For Men" (AVFM) says that at TGMP "you will find a deluge of feminist propaganda, manhood advice from women ...".

This came to a head at AVFM after TGMP editors took down an article by Suzanne Venker entitled "Mom's Can't Be Dad's Too," in which Ms. Venker gives a first-person testimony in praise of her husband's importance to their family. Ms. Venker's article was considered controversial because she claims fathers are important to children. She even points to data that supports her own experience, quoting “The Politics of Fatherhood” by Stephen Baskerville, a leading authority on divorce, child custody and the family court system. Recent research published in the Review of Economics of the Household also supports her claim that children do better with a father and a mother. Even more research supporting this claim can be found at About.com .

But none of this was as important to TGMP as