Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Duke University forced to obey the law

Duke University offers a degree in Law.
Image from Duke Archives * 

They have a team of "lawyers who teach lawyers" at their disposal, and yet with all that brain power they can't seem to figure out how to obey the law. One of their own students had to sue them for justice.

Lewis M. McLeod, a student at Duke, knew his rights were violated when Duke expelled him over an accusation that the police already determined was unfounded. McLeod knew the university was wrong, but he had to go to court to force Duke, a school that he entrusted with his money and education, to obey the very law they teach. McLeod won his case, and Duke must

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Feminists Defend Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Again

Feminists at the University of Toronto are tearing down posters for the lecture "Violence and Sexual Abuse Against Men" by therapist Lynne MacDonell. The event, sponsored by The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE), promises to cover the scandalous finding that female prison guards commit 90% of sexual assaults against juvenile males. Nearly all of the sexual assaults involve coercion on the part of the female guards.
Photo by Tim (Timothy) Pearce *

We have become accustomed to total media silence from feminists on issues relating to men and boys, but feminists have been disruptive and violent at University lectures in the past and show no signs of stopping now.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Queen's Faculty Incites Hatred Of Male Students - Administration Looks The Other Way

In March 2014, Queen's University, in Kingston Ontario, exploded with fear and anger towards men. The university's newly formed, and only, men's group, the Men's Issues Awareness Society (MIAS), scheduled a lecture by University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo titled "What's Equality Got To Do With It: Feminism's Double Standards." Campus feminists were furious and intended to block it at all costs.

How do you go from zero to full-blown hysteria in a few short weeks? 

It helps to have the full support of university faculty, and the small, but very vocal, group of feminists head-quartered in the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre knew they had it. Only with that kind of support can a few hundred zealots confidently dominate a campus with well over 20,000 other, generally open-minded, students, and create havoc. 

Campus feminists began by whipping up hysteria against Fiamengo and anyone who questioned feminism. Thousands of comments poured onto the Facebook event page for Fiamengo's talk, many of which were fearful, angry and hateful towards men and anyone who dared question feminism. The posts included: