Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Toronto lecture by Miles Groth, and protesters at Queen's Park

Last weekend the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) hosted a lecture entitled "Caring About University Men" by Dr. Miles Groth at the University of Toronto. Dr. Groth spoke about the crisis for men on university campuses in the first world: declining enrollment and a feeling that they are not welcome on campus. I spoke with Dr. Groth prior to his lecture and will be posting a video with highlights of the lecture and subsequent rally at Queen's Park very soon.

Past CAFE events have been quite eventful, with protests organized by several different groups including CUPE and the Student Union UTSU. These groups are adamantly opposed to Mens' Centres and Men's Rights organization having any presence on the University of Toronto campus, and have vowed to oppose them at every opportunity, but this lecture proceeded without incident, possibly due to
the additional police support mandated by the University of Toronto

The lecture was attended by a significant
contingent of people from A Voice For Men (AVfM), including founder Paul Elam and managing editor Dean Esmay, as well as several other popular activists like Karen Straughan of "A Girl Writes What," Attila Vinczer, and Dan Perrins who dyed his beard red in response to his previous encounter with a protester known as "Big Red" at U of T last April. Excerpts of my interviews with all of these activists will be included in an upcoming video post on Studio Brulé. 

The weekend events included a dramatic rally, organized by AVfM, to call attention to men's issues at Queen's Park, the Ontario Legislature on Saturday. Members gave impassioned speeches and were greeted by a counter protest from an unidentified group who mostly refused to answer questions from the media. Footage from the rally has already surfaced, and I will be including additional exclusive footage in my story of these events to be posted on YouTube in the coming days.

CAFE is raising money to open a Center for Men and Families in Toronto, the first center of it's kind in Canada. I made a video with them for their Indiegogo campaign which just launched October 1, 2013.

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