Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ottawa Police stop arresting prostitutes, only male clients are now arrested

Why do we need the Supreme Court, or even Parliament, when the Police are happy to make up the law as they see fit?

The Ottawa Citizen reports that in 2009 the Ottawa police arrested 135 women and 56 men for prostitution offences. Then in 2010 the Canadian Women's Coalition was formed demanding decriminalization of female prostitutes and continued persecution of the men who seek them out. This is equivalent to the Swedish model pioneered in 1998, which was declared an abject failure. 

The Ottawa Police decided to
obey the Women's Coalition and took it upon themselves to arrest ONLY men in subsequent prostitution sweeps.  Fast forward to 2013 when Ottawa police made 117 prostitution related arrests ... ALL of them male. The Ottawa police effectively decriminalized prostitution years before the Supreme Court decision to strike down prostitution laws, but only for women, as dictated by the Women's Coalition.

Furthermore, despite last month's Supreme Court decision to strike down prostitution laws for everyone, the Ottawa police have already made 10 prostitution sweeps in 2014, arresting ONLY MEN and leaving the prostitutes free to entrap more male victims.

This gig is easy to understand: a prostitute lures in a man, who gets arrested and labelled a criminal for life. The prostitute is therefore paid to deliver men to jail instead of bed. The DA, the Prosecutor, the Police Chief, and arresting officers all get to pad their resumes for their subsequent promotions, and they all pat themselves on the back. This is what criminalization really looks like.

In Canada you can be arrested for being male. The police make and enforce law under feminist guidance, and prostitutes work de facto for the police, ensnaring men into a criminal system from which they will never escape. 

All we need now is private prisons putting inmates to work for multi-national corporations at 25 cents an hour like in the US. This becomes the perfect new system of slavery. Criminalize men, then sentence them to slave labor in private prisons. 

It's a brave new Canada, and it's getting colder ... for men.

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  1. People have to understand that the prostitution became a job for lots of people. And it does not matter whether it's a man or a woman. In well-developed countries the prostitution pays much money to the country.