Monday, June 9, 2014

Boko Haram Slaughters More Men And Boys

Most of mainstream media continues to suppress the fact that Boko Haram singles out and slaughters men and boys. Aminu Abubakar reports that 400 - 500 males were slaughtered less than a week ago, but this story detracts from the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, so it is largely ignored. 


A Voice For Men comments on this tragedy, but feminists are completely silent, it's only males after all and many feminists will see this as progress towards their goal of culling the males to 10% of the population. There just are no words to explain the
Misandry of the First World Media, most of which are propaganda machines for ideological feminism.

There are only a few groups that take men's issues seriously, and all of them face ridicule, protest, and censorship. Many of the men and women who speak out receive death threats for their efforts. Even the simple music festival sponsored by the Canadian Association For Equality was blocked by a group of hateful feminists.

Philanthropists are reluctant to donate to events that highlight Men's Issues for fear of retribution from the many well-funded and highly organized Feminist groups. Fortunately the recent conference on Domestic Violence hosted by Attila Vinczer went forward as planned even though funding was nearly non-existent. Erin Pizzey, founder of the first Women's Shelter in 1971 (known as "Refuges" in the UK) spoke passionately at this event, and she has been criticized for over 40 years for revealing that domestic violence is perpetrated equally by men and women. Erin has survived countless death threats for daring to speak this truth. She has frequently pointed out that Canada is the most anti-male, feminist country in the world, and her tour of Canada with Senator Anne Cools over 12 years ago was also marked by continuous threats, which is the main reason that she has not returned to Canada until now. 

Senator Anne Cools also spoke with great passion in Toronto on June 6, 2014, and both Pizzey and Senator Cools will speak at the upcoming Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit, Michigan, sponsored by A Voice For Men. Feminist protesters have issued death threats to the Hotel, the hotel staff, guests, and conference attendees. A Voice For Men was required to raise $25,000 for security as a result of these threats. Don't miss this conference, it will be fascinating and will open your eyes not only to the many problems unique to men and boys, but to the hypocrisy, false statistics, and deceit spread by feminists in the media for the past 40 years.

Feminists are terrified whenever a group of men and women have the audacity to speak the truth about domestic violence, suicide, rape, discrimination, or any social issue because feminists have built an empire on a web of outrageous lies and distortions. And they have good reason to be afraid: the truth threatens their empire.

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