Friday, March 27, 2015

White House Council on Boys & Men

Dr. Warren Farrell, author of The Myth of Male Power, Why Men Are The Way They Are, Father and Child Reunion, and many other books on masculinity, and his supporters are requesting that president Obama establish a White House Council on Boys & Men.

The proposal outlines several problems facing men and boys. It concludes that we are facing a profound crisis in the education, work, and physical and emotional health of our sons. Some important facts taken from the proposal include:
  • Boys are more medicated and less educated
  • Boys’ suicide rate goes from equal to girls’ prior to adolescence to five times girls’ between 20 and 24
  • one out of three children in the U.S. living in father-absent homes
  • the male-female life expectancy gap has grown from one year in 1920 to more than five years today
  • boys and men die earlier than girls and women from nine of the 10 leading causes of death
  • One of every five men 25 to 54 is not working
In this video, Dr. Farrell explains the difficulties involved in bringing this proposal to the attention of the White House, which includes the necessity of sending a contingent to the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses to meet the candidates while they are still accessible before the election efforts are in full-swing. Donations to fund this effort are needed, and welcomed.

I have been invited to document this effort, which begins in April, 2015.

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