Sunday, December 29, 2013

Canadian Women's Coalition: Impunity for Women, Jail for Men - Prostitution in Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada did the right thing. They struck down laws that endangered Canadian citizens.

The old laws made it illegal for sex-workers to communicate with clients in public, conduct business in private buildings, and for anyone to live off the avails of prostitution. Sex workers were therefore prohibited from paying for security, working indoors or negotiating and screening clients in a safe, open area. The law put these women in danger. 

The case was brought to court by the very women whose lives were put at risk: 
female sex-workers. But feminists from the Women's Coalition, which includes the Elizabeth Fry Society, are not impressed with the ruling, and make the bizarre claim that "it is now ok to buy and sell women and girls in this country."

The Coalition is trying to stir-up moral panic because