Monday, December 5, 2016

The Red Pill Movie - Third Screening

The Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) was denied screening time for The Red Pill at the ByTowne Cinema, and the Mayfair Theater cancelled the film at the last minute in response to pressure from feminists in Ottawa. CAFE quickly booked a room at City Hall on December 4, 2016 for the scheduled 3 PM showing, which immediately sold out along with a second screening added at 7 PM.

Due to high demand CAFE have organized a third screening, which will be held at the Ottawa Public Library on Metcalfe street.
The Revolutionary Student Movement, an anarchist feminist group, held a protest of The Red Pill at City Hall on Sunday December 4, 2016.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Red Pill Screening in Ottawa, Canada - UPDATED

UPDATE 2: The show will go on! The new venue is Ottawa City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave West, in the Colonel By Room, and a second screening time has been added:

     Sunday December 4 at 3 PM
     Sunday December 4 at 7 PM

Click here for more details

UPDATE 1: The Mayfair Theatre caved-in to pressure from feminists and cancelled the screening.

The Ottawa branch of the Canadian Association For Equality is hosting a screening of Cassie Jaye's The Red Pill in Ottawa on Sunday December 4, 2016. It is showing at the Mayfair theater at 3:00 PM and I've been asked to participate in a Q&A since some of my footage is used in the film. Don't miss it!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Introducing The Liberty Belles

Three new voices are coming to Studio Brulé in 2017, with two more to be added soon afterwards, and this is your chance to see them live! The Liberty Belles are a group of British women offering their unique take on this bizarre cultural moment in which hard-won civil liberties are under attack from within.

Tune-in to meet three of the Liberty Belles on Friday November 25, 2016 at 9:20 PM UTC (4:20PM EST).
The Liberty Belles hail from London, UK, and they will offer sharp and insightful analysis and criticism of contemporary issues in western culture including feminist claims like the “wage gap,” long-standing traditions like circumcision, and inequities in criminal sentencing. Political correctness will be tossed in the dustbin as The Belles clean up popular misconceptions and outright lies propagated by the MSM.

Catherine Kitsis
Catherine Kitsis is a London based writer for The Backbencher and has been writing her blog since 2013. She is also active on Twitter.

Elizabeth Hobson
Elizabeth Hobson is an anti-feminist, libertarian, stay-at-home mother. She writes at Trigger WarningBlogs and Tweets.

Natoya Raymond
Natoya Raymond is developing the Erin Pizzey Foundation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Forum on Bill C-16 and the Ontario Human Rights Code

Professor Jordan B. Peterson has been attacked on campus at the University of Toronto (U of T) for his refusal to use new non-binary gender pronouns. The university had initially approved a public debate about freedom of speech, but prohibited Peterson from repeating his assertion on pronouns, thereby proving Peterson's claim that Bill C-16 is anti-free-speech. The university went one step further and instructed Peterson that he would not be allowed to teach in January if he maintained his provocative public stance.

The debate has been scrapped and, in an interesting twist, replaced with a forum to be held on Saturday November 19 at 9:30 AM. The composition of the forum is worth examining: three feminist women, two panelists and the moderator, and one man who clearly stands for Freedom of Speech.

Really U of T? This is how you want to

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Red Pill Premiere, LA Edition!

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone whose generous donations made it possible for me to fly to Los Angeles and document the Premiere of The Red Pill, which many have already declared a "game-changer" for the Men's Rights Movement. I really could not have done this without you!

I'm going to try to give you a sense of the place, the venue, the people, the whole experience, and it got off to an interesting start as soon as I boarded the plane.

I was seated beside a smart, friendly young fellow from an upper-crust Canadian family in Toronto who was in his final year studying economics at a small private liberal arts college in Vermont. The story starts here because we immediately shared our reasons for travelling to LA and his response to my explanation of The Red Pill was exactly as you might guess:

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Red Pill and Air Travel are deeply connected

A passenger on a domestic flight in Australia was treated as a threat to children simply because he was male. He was removed from his seat beside a child and replaced with a woman who was equally unknown to the child. If this had been done to a woman we would have seen multi-billion-dollar global movements of outrage, and legislation to make sure that no woman would ever again face such indignity, quicker than a feminist can say "rape cult..."

That men as a class today are treated as a threat to children is not new, almost every man forced into family court so that he can see his own children learns this lesson. But how far will our culture go to segregate men completely out of public life? How far will we go down this road that erases the presumption of a man's humanity and eliminates those small everyday signs that men can be trusted, included and even valued - those everyday things that reinforce a persons sense of his own humanity. How long before large numbers of men internalize the message that they are a danger to others, even their own children? And when a man internalizes the idea that he is bad and dangerous, can we trust him to sacrifice himself for our culture, or should we

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Janice Fiamengo Faces Trial At Social Justice Tribunal

As many of you know, Janice Fiamengo is a fierce and fearless voice of reason in support of Freedom of Speech. She has faced angry protesters who have tried to silence her at the lectures that she has delivered at three universities - Queens, the University of Toronto, and the University of Ottawa - and yet she has persevered. She has spoken out against the injustices faced by fellow academics, like Sir Tim Hunt and Matt Taylor, and has boldly criticized university administrators for capitulating before angry Social Justice mobs.

A former student has accused Janice of a human rights violation which will go to trial before the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario. The University of Ottawa is a co-defendant in this case and is

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Red Pill Premiere - Fundraiser

UPDATE October 3, 2016:  The fundraiser to cover the premiere of The Red Pill is now over and I will only be covering the Los Angeles event, which is the larger of the two events. I had to make a decision or risk being too late to make arrangements for either premiere so I have booked travel arrangements to Los Angeles. Any funds received from today will be used to produce other projects on Studio Brulé. Please stay tuned, a lot of exciting plans are in the works.

A huge thank-you for all of your support and encouragement!!!

       Goal       =   $ 3500 
       Donated =   $ 2494*

* as of October 5, 2016 at 9:00 AM

The Red Pill, a documentary by filmmaker Cassie Jaye, will open in both New York and LA in October and

Monday, September 19, 2016

Karen Straughan Lecture - Ogres, Onions and Men’s Issues Advocacy

Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat, delivered the Keynote lecture at the National Conference On Men's Issues at Ottawa City Hall on Saturday September 17, 2016 hosted by The Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE).
Karen explains the power of neoteny and it's role in feminism, gynocentrism, and our culture indifference to the suffering of men and boys. Karen's original ideas and clearly articulated arguments are so compelling that this lecture is destined to be a classic. The Q&A session is available here. I did not have access to the slides until after publishing the lecture, but Karen has generously provided them for your enjoyment:

Friday, September 16, 2016

The First Candian National Conference On Men's Issues - tomorrow in Ottawa, Canada

The Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association For Equality is hosting the first national conference on Men's Issues in Ottawa, Canada. Speakers include Karen Straughan, Janice Fiamengo, Victor Malby, Kvin Arriola, and more.

David Shackleton, Director of CAFE Ottawa, explains ...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Mandi Gray Rape Case

In Episode 43 of The Fiamengo File, professor Fiamengo analyzes the Mandi Gray Rape Case in which graduate student Mandi Gray invited Mustafa Ururyar for drinks followed by "hot sex" and later charged him with rape.
Ururyar was convicted in this controversial case in which he claims that Gray charged him with rape because she was angry that he wanted to terminate the relationship.

The case was largely a conflicting he-said, she-said account of the event and Judge Marvin Zuker appeared to be biased against the defendant, as explained by Barabar Kay.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Interviews From The International Conference On Men's Issues - Paul Apreda

As many of you know, I attended the International Conference On Men's Issues in London, UK, in July (ICMI16) funded through the generosity of my supporters, and viewers on YouTube. My mandate was to document the essence of the event outside of lecture hall, capture any potential protests (there were none), and interview as many of the speakers as I could. The lectures themselves were recorded exclusively by Mike Buchanan from Justice 4 Men & Boys and A Voice for Men, who co-sponsored the event.

I have uploaded 16 interviews so far, one every Monday, and today's interview features Paul Apreda, the National Manager of the charity FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru which provides practical and emotional support to parents with child contact problems in Wales and undertakes research on men's issues.

Paul Apreda Interview
The fundraiser included a reward in which a contributor could ask a question of one of the speakers. These questions were all addressed in my interview of Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat.

Stay tuned for a special summary video of the conference which will include behind the scenes footage and an inside look at the after-hours social scene!

I have also created a playlist of the interviews on Studio Brulé here.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Calling All Angels - A Poetic Tribute To The Firefighters Of 9/11

This poem was written and read by Canadian firefighter Lea MacDonald, who was fighting a fire north of Kingston Ontario on September 11, 2001. The ceiling collapsed and Lea was pulled from the burning building by his fellow firefighters. Lea was moved by his experience and, after learning about the World Trade Center attack in which 343 firefighters lost their lives, wrote this poem in honor of the New York 343.
Lea began treatment for throat cancer on Tuesday September 6, 2016, and wanted to record this poem prior to treatment since there is a risk that he will be unable to speak properly afterwards. This was recorded on August 9, 2016.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Live With Janice Fiamengo, Paul Elam, Janet Bloomfield and Karen Straughan

Join us on Thursday June 16, 2016 at 9:30PM for a live conversation with Janice Fiamengo, Paul Elam, Janet Bloomfield and Karen Straughan. We'll be discussing the upcoming International Conference On Men's Issues (ICMI 2016), the sexual assault conviction of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, Hilary vs Trump, the exciting new site An Ear For Men, and much more. Click on the video below to watch now:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

FundAnything Campaign To Attend And Cover ICMI 2016 In London, UK

This is admittedly a last minute attempt to attend and cover the International Conference On Men's Issues in London, UK, and I am asking for your support so that I can bring back original and compelling content for you to enjoy on Studio Brulé - documentation of protests and interviews of the speakers.  Click Here To Contribute To This Funding Campaign!
Video capture of the conference is covered by the organizers at Justice for Men And Boys, run by the inspiring and tireless Mike Buchanan, so I will not be covering any of the main conference, but my strength is really in capturing protests as I have at other events, like the

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sons of Feminism, Call for Submissions

BOOK PROPOSAL, ed. Janice Fiamengo

I am seeking to publish a book with the provisional title *Sons of Feminism* (2017) about the experience of men growing up and finding their way in a post-feminist world.

My main audience for the book is ordinary men and women (especially women) who think feminism is about equality and justice for women.  I want them to have a glimpse of

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Degree-granting programs in Women and Gender Studies in Canada

The following are the Canadian universities that offer degree-granting programs in Women's and Gender Studies. I counted the full-time tenured (or tenure-track) professors teaching primarily within the programs:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Interdisciplinarity: Another Word for Emptiness

This is the second in my series of videos offering non-ideological reasons why programs in gender and women’s studies—or whatever they’re called, the names are proliferating—should be closed down. In Episode 32 I talked about the first and foremost reason: because these programs are about advocacy rather than knowledge: they are not about pursuing truth, which should be the only rationale of the university; they’re about

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Myth of Sexual Harassment

There have been many reports about sexual harassment over the past year, from gripping he said/she said cases involving media personalities like TV star Bill Cosby and the CBC’s Jian Ghomeishi to campus scandals such as the Dentistry students at Dalhousie in Halifax, who used Facebook to joke and fantasize about their female colleagues.
According to the mainstream media, sexual harassment is all around us; a headline in the Toronto Sun newspaper recently warned that “One million Canadians, mostly women, report that they have been sexually harassed at work.” The report claimed that 3 out of 10 Canadian women have been victimized by workplace harassment just in the past two years. That’s even worse than

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Women's Studies Is Not Scholarship

Get Activism Out Of Academia
In my last video, I promised that I was going to provide some concrete non-ideological reasons why women’s studies programs should be abolished at universities across North America. This is the first in my three-part series outlining the reasons, which are as follows:
1. These are advocacy programs, not academic programs, and that’s enough right there to declare them totally illegitimate.
2. These programs do not have a subject to teach. They are what is called

Friday, April 1, 2016

Women's and Gender Studies Must Die

In a recent video, I stated that all women’s and gender studies programs should be closed down as quickly as possible. It’s a provocative assertion, I guess. In Canada alone, there are 66 Gender and Women’s Studies departments, programs, course offerings, and institutes, according to a list compiled by the Association for Academic Women’s Studies in 2013. Gender studies courses are offered in all ten provinces and one Canadian territory, and the programs employ hundreds of professors in both part-time and full-time positions, and grant thousands of degrees and certificates. They range from

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Ghomeshi Verdict--Not as Good as It Seems

When I first heard that CBC television personality Jian Ghomeshi had been found not guilty on all sexual assault-related charges, I assumed that a significant push-back had been delivered to the feminist mantra that women do not lie about sexual assault and that strict cross-examination and analysis of their behavior amounts to an unjust re-victimization. Reading the judge's summation of the monumental inconsistencies, omissions, and fabrications in all of the complainants' testimony, I thought both that the verdict was correct and that it

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Women in Astronomy

Eight years ago, astronomers found a new gas giant exoplanet, named 2MASS, J2126-8140 which was believed to be a rogue planet floating freely through space. It has now been determined that 2MASS is actually part of the largest solar system ever discovered. This historic discovery was made by astronomical teams headed by Dr. Niall Deacon of the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K., Dr. Simon Murphy of the Australian National University, and Dr. Joshua Shlieder from the NASA Ames Research Centre in California. The collaborators believe that the new solar system did not originate, as ours did, from a disc of dust and gas, but was formed in some way not yet fully understood.  In a recent press conference, the researchers announced that they were bringing some female astronomers onto the team to help them theorize about the origins of this system; it is felt that a woman’s perspective, a perspective operating outside the rigid, exclusionary binarisms and linear logic of masculist conceptual structures, will be more likely to solve this astronomical enigma.

Okay—that last statement is not true. It’s true that a team of male researchers has discovered a new solar system. But the researchers are not, to my knowledge,

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Feminism as a Victim Mentality Disorder

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion to comment on how white western feminists typically focus intensively on what would seem to a reasonable person the most trivial cases of “sexism,” such as so-called workplace sexual harassment, while remaining silent about—or even justifying—overt  abuses if the victimizers are not white men, a case in point being the years-long complicity of many feminist officials and journalists in the cover-up of the sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England between 1997 and 2013, in which an estimated 1400 children were sexually abused, often with extreme violence, by gangs of British-Pakistani men, an abuse ignored and denied for years in the interests of multicultural harmony.

I’m not an expert on that or other similar incidents, but I do consider myself an expert on the western feminist mindset that

Monday, February 15, 2016

Paul Nathanson At The University Of Ottawa

The Student Revolutionary Movement (RSM) sent members to the  University of Ottawa to disrupt Dr. Paul Nathanson's talk on why he chose to research men. The protesters arrived around 6:30 PM and blocked the one entrance/exit door making it difficult for people to come and go. Security arrived quickly and escorted the protesters from the building. The police also arrived, bringing the number of officers and security guards to about 8 or 10.

None of the protesters were interested in listening to the lecture, but they donned face masks on the pretense that they would be at risk from attendees. A viewer would have to be brain dead to be fooled by this juvenile tactic, a manipulative trick in the vein of  "if I cry, people will believe he hit me." The RSM have done this in the past, and they followed up with fantastical lies about the event to disguise the

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Threat Of Violence By Suspected Member Of The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM)

I will be filming a lecture by Paul Nathanson tonight, February 10, at the University of Ottawa, and the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM, a Marxist group that advocates bringing about communism by force) intends to block and/or shutdown this event. In the past RSM members have covered their faces to hide their identities during protests.

Recently I received a threat from Chris Brown, who I believe is a member of the RSM. Here are some photos of Chris Brown and a copy of the exchange containing his threats: