Sunday, December 29, 2013

Canadian Women's Coalition: Impunity for Women, Jail for Men

The Supreme Court of Canada did the right thing. They struck down laws that endangered Canadian citizens.

The old laws made it illegal for sex-workers to communicate with clients in public, conduct business in private buildings, and for anyone to live off the avails of prostitution. Sex workers were therefore prohibited from paying for security, working indoors or negotiating and screening clients in a safe, open area. The law put these women in danger. 

The case was brought to court by the very women whose lives were put at risk: female sex-workers. But feminists from the Women's Coalition, which includes the Elizabeth Fry Society, are not impressed with the ruling, and make the bizarre claim that "it is now ok to buy and sell women and girls in this country."

The Coalition is trying to stir-up moral panic because
they want legislation that "removes criminal sanctions for women involved in the sex trade but continues to target pimps and johns." In other words, freedom for women and jail for men

This idea was pioneered in Sweden in 1999. After more than a decade it was declared a complete failure by both the Rights Work organization and the UN-backed study "Global Commission on HIV and the law," which further recommends that all countries "decriminalise private and consensual adult sexual behaviours" and concluded that the Swedish model "resulted in grave consequences for the sex workers even though reported as a success to the public." To be blunt, the mostly-feminist Swedish government is lying in order to justify continued criminalization of men.

German Prostitute "Annabell"
In contrast to Sweden, Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, and has since concluded that the law has had little effect on the lives of the prostitutes because, awful as this sounds to the Women's Coalition feminists, "the prostitutes themselves don't want to change their working conditions and contracts." Apparently they are comfortable with their lives.

However, German prostitutes are worried that prominent, influential, feminist politicians may successfully repeal the law, and "force more workers and places underground, which

means less safety for everyone involved." The very fate that the Canadian Women's Coalition seeks to impose on Canadian prostitutes. 

The Swedish style law favored by the Women's Coalition would give women the power to criminalize men at will, and this is exactly how the new cons would play out: A man meets a pretty woman at a bar. The night is going great and he thinks his luck has turned. She is charming and flirty. They leave together and have sex. 

He quickly learns that he was right, his luck had turned ... for the worse. She says "give me $1000 or I'll tell the police I'm a prostitute and you'll go to jail." The subsequent statistics could easily be twisted to "prove" that men are the problem, just like in Sweden. Blackmail and checkmate! 

Think that won't happen? A woman could decide that it's prostitution after the fact just like a woman can now re-frame consensual sex as rape the next morning when she suddenly regrets cheating on her boyfriend or sees an opportunity to turn a quick profit (see Brian Banks, Andre L. Henrythe Duke Lacrosse caseamong the many other cases).

You see, Female culpability and male victimization are two subjects that feminists like those in the Women's Coalition refuse to acknowledge. Their universe is extraordinarily small: women are innocent victims in need of protection from big bad men with evil intent. It is a childish, simplistic universe inhabited only by Ogres and Princesses. 

The welfare of males never registers on the radars of the myriad feminist groups, no matter how profound the need nor how deep the pain. In fact male welfare, and sexuality in particular, is a subject of scorn for these groups, as evidenced by the fact that gruesome crimes like cutting off a man's penis become the subject of dehumanizing humor rather than condemnation. All men should take note! 

The Women's Coalition even hold contempt for other women. The women directly affected by prostitution laws want legalization, and the evidence suggests that it works. But their voice falls on deaf ears at the Women's Coalition, who insist on portraying prostitutes as victims in order to justify more criminal laws that target men. Clearly the Women's Coalition's goal is not to protect women, but to attack men.

This ideologically-driven coalition believes that women who break the law are not criminals but are "criminalized," presumably by the patriarchy boogeyman, and therefore should never be imprisoned. They also want all currently incarcerated women set free. One of their colleagues, law professor Elizabeth Sheehy, who works closely with the Elizabeth Fry Society, even argues that women should be allowed to kill their husbands. Others argue not just for a woman's right to abortion, but a woman's right to "after-birth abortion," a sanitized term for killing a perfectly healthy fully-formed baby.

There's a clear pattern in the feminist goals: that women's freedom should be complete, unrestricted and unbounded by any concern for the welfare of ... non-women. They seek the freedom to act with impunity, which includes the freedom to end the lives of their husbands and their newborn infants. "Woman" becomes the new word for "person," and the rule of law only applies to non-women, or non-persons if you prefer. 

This builds upon the Affirmative Action laws of 1984, which require employers to preferentially hire and promote women over men, followed by the Zero Tolerance programs implemented in 2001 that made a woman's word sufficient to charge her husband with domestic violence and then take the children, the home and the money in what we can now call a "slam-dunk divorce": The husband is arrested on the word of his wife and cannot return to the home, which becomes hers through abandonment; he cannot see the kids until his assault charge is cleared, so she establishes primary residence. The court then awards child support, custody and alimony to the destroyed man's newly-ex wife.

Feminist lobby groups have successfully skewed employment, domestic violence, and family law to favor women. In this round they seek to extend female power over the lives of men beyond work and family. To succeed they must successfully cast women as victims once again. Unfortunately the female protagonists in this drama, the prostitutes themselves, refuse to cooperate; they don't see themselves as victims. Ideological feminism is waging war against men, women and evidence. Like the Swedish experiment, It is not difficult to see who is being deceitful.

Over the past 40 years, feminists have lobbied for so many over-reaching changes to law and public policy, often with surprising success, that it has become clear that the feminist goal is not simple equality, but to create a new slave class of working-poor-men whose lives, livelihood, and limited freedom continue only at the pleasure of the women in their lives.

Despite their presumptuous choice of names, the Women's Coalition only pretends to speak for women, and their feminist-typical view of men is decidedly antagonistic. Their claims and goals reveal an underlying fear, distrust, contempt, and even hatred for men and the issues that men face. Fortunately, we already have a word for that:    Bigotry ... and it's high time we started using it. 


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