Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Corporate America Owns Feminism

I had not thought about this before but Hitler could not have gotten very far without supplies from the rest of the world, and top American Companies made a fortune selling to Germany during WWII. This book has the details and points out that American executives were never charged with war crimes because they have influence in the White House.

Wall Street also made a fortune running the global financial systems like a giant pyramid scheme. They brought the world to it's knees in 2008, and destroyed the lives of millions of ordinary people in the process. Caught red-handed, they were far from contrite - they practically bragged about it - and were rewarded with
even more money in the form of a government bailout. They immediately gave themselves bonuses and thumbed their noses at the "little people." None of them were charged with any sort of crime, again, because they control the White House.

Hitler would not have gotten very far, and neither would have Feminism. These same companies, with help from the White House, have been funding feminism around the world for over forty years. And you can bet that Corporate America does not spend 10 cents without expecting a return. A huge return in this case: a new form of slavery, and this time it's global. 

Feminism is owned by Corporate America, and serves their interests. If that ever changes you can bet that the flow of money would stop within 15 minutes, since absolutely nothing concerns Corporate America except profit. They make profit off men's (and women's) labor; they profit from divorce; they profit from men's early death because that means less pension payout; they profit from men's early removal from the workforce, eliminate the old, bring in the fresh, cheap young labor. 

They also profit from men's imprisonment. That's why they love private prisons; that's why they want tougher sentences; that's why they want prison sentences for non-payment of Child Support. That's why they continue to promote the discredited domestic violence statistics that support VAWA. More prisoners, more profit. More prisoners, more slave prison-labor at 25 cents an hour. Even judges get in on the action by imprisoning kids for cash kickbacks from the private prisons. Corporate America will try to spread private prisons around the world because: PROFIT. 

Feminists use corporate and government money to fund studies that use corrupt methodologies and falsified statistics in order to justify calls for increasingly harsh new laws and public policy against males. They have successfully created a false rape crisis, even an imagined "rape culture," and have used this paranoia to expel male students from university without due process. They have successfully imprisoned men for child support and at the same time replaced prisons with sorority houses for female criminals, all while advocating for legalized husband-murder. At every turn, feminists seek to reduce the opportunities available to males while expanding female privilege, and America applauds. Men who desperately seek female approval also applaud and see male-bashing as an opportunity to strut around as a knight in shining armor, a pathetic attempt to appear "alpha-like." Men's Rights Activists have identified these men as "White Knights." It's just too easy to spread hatred when even the target is socialized to help.

There's nothing new about the business of inciting female dissatisfaction in order to control male behavior. DeBeers single-handedly popularized the diamond engagement ring by appealing to the competitive female ego, insisting that a woman should settle for nothing less than a diamond worth three months salary. The British "White Feather campaign" during WWI was so successful at shaming men into enlisting that it also led to a spike in suicides among men who could not enlist. Returning disabled veterans who could not work were later even shamed for being a burden to their wives!

It matters little to Corporate America whether men are herded into the divorce industry, the prison industry, an early grave, or are chained to unending and inescapable debt. All roads lead to profit through lower wages and increased consumerism. The divorce industry transfers money to women, the top consumers; the prison industry is profitable and holds the slave-labor force; an early grave makes room for cheaper labor; and debt keeps a man chained to his job no matter how horrible the conditions. 

What Corporate America fears most is a fiscally-responsible populace made up of families who value their own self-determined, financially-independent freedom over mindless consumption, greed, and ego. Hence they promote a culture obsessed with consumption, where greed is a virtue, and ego-centrism is celebrated as an achievement in our i-Everything world. After all, it's all about you, isn't it?

No, it's not. It's all about profit. The manipulation is so blatant that it's embarrassing that it works. And it works because, yes, you are important. You are so important that it is imperative that you resist this shameful seduction. 

Corporate America is not run by stupid people; these are dangerous, powerful people. They see the rest of us as nothing more than "human capital," "human resources," ... cattle. And they believe they can count on the majority of people to sleepwalk straight into the killing pens.

The only way to stop them is to remove the profit. Stop the privatization of public services like prison systems, and recognize that feminism, far from being a social movement, is big business. It is the business of eliminating our freedoms, and of controlling our private lives ... for profit. 

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