Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Feminists Defend Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Again

Feminists at the University of Toronto are tearing down posters for the lecture "Violence and Sexual Abuse Against Men" by therapist Lynne MacDonell. The event, sponsored by The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE), promises to cover the scandalous finding that female prison guards commit 90% of sexual assaults against juvenile males. Nearly all of the sexual assaults involve coercion on the part of the female guards.
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We have become accustomed to total media silence from feminists on issues relating to men and boys, but feminists have been disruptive and violent at University lectures in the past and show no signs of stopping now.

CAFE changed venues and arranged for police protection for this Thursday's event due to concerns about feminist protesters, who appear outraged that this event will highlight the violence perpetrated by women that is ignored by the media.

The abuse in juvenile detention centres recently motivated 32 young men to attempt an escape. Queen's University Women's Studies and philosophy professor, Adele Mercier, recently denied or minimized this issue and argues that the boys are often consenting to sex with their guards, a claim that elicits outrage from feminists when genders are reversed.

Here's CAFE's message:



Thursday Event on Sexual Exploitation of Boys Requires Police Presence
Men’s Issues Events Return to U of T, Often the Scene of Protest

TORONTO, ON – (October 7, 2014) The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) will continue its "men’s issues" programs at the University of Toronto by sponsoring “Violence and Sexual Abuse Against Men” with therapist Lynne MacDonell this Thursday, October 9 at 7:00PM at the Koffler House Room 108 at 569 Spadina Crescent.

One in six men have been sexually assaulted and in the Canadian juvenile justice system an incredible 90% of sexual exploitation incidents are perpetrated by female guards against young males.

CAFE’s history of events highlighting provocative but overlooked facts that challenge ideological feminism have led to massive protests. Militants have disrupted events, pulled fire alarms and harassed members of the public, in contravention of University policies and the law.

The University of Toronto has assessed a need for police officers at Thursday’s event and changed the venue to ensure adequate protection. Marketing materials for the event have already been vandalized and stolen.

“It is deeply troubling that an event featuring a female therapist discussing her pioneering work providing mental health support to abused men could be targeted for protest or disruption,” said CAFE Spokesperson Geoff Stone.

“In the name of equality and social justice a contingent of radical ideologues opt to silence and bully perspectives different from their own, even those focused on men’s health.”

The University of Toronto considered charging the police fee to the student group hosting Thursday’s event but have now decided to absorb the cost.

“We are very grateful to the University for understanding that whatever our beliefs, those who value freedom of expression must come together to ensure that universities remain open places where different ideas can be explored and challenged,” said Stone.

“Bankrupting student groups with security fees only rewards and encourages illegal and dangerous behaviour while punishing those who engage in educational and peaceful debate.”


Justin Trottier

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  1. In my opinion feminism becomes more and more dangerous nowadays. It is very sad to understand that a lot of people in our world have lost their minds.