Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There's hope for mainstream media

You don't see this often ... an article critical of a women's issue in the mainstream media. The Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente calls foul on the feminist-invented rape crisis on North American University campuses. This false crisis is being used to justify unprecedented laws that put ordinary men at great risk when they pursue relations with the women they desire. 

Wente reminds us that, according to newly proposed laws, when a drunk couple has sex, the man is automatically defined as a rapist and the woman, a victim. It's refreshing to see a level-headed journalist willing to risk controversy by confronting such blatant stupidity. Especially when this stupidity has even infected the White House.

There are so many lopsided risks and liabilities that a man must take in order to build a full life for himself that I recently coined the term "heteroliability." But Wente only needed to focus on the draconian responses to the false rape crisis to conclude "I used to think the war on men was an exaggeration. I don’t think so any more."

If I were a religious man I would say "hallelujah," but I'll have to go with "AMEN!"

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